Heroin is an addictive and illegal drug as a slight overdose of it is fatal. Quitting this drub by an addict is dangerous too, and thus, the addiction needs to be overcome gradually.


If your loved one or someone you know is facing an addiction of this drug, here are some ways you can help them overcome their problem:


  • Speak to them politely and gently with nice words when you confront them about their problem. Never use the term “drug addict”, but instead, say, “a person addicted to drugs”.


  • Seek external support from counselors and those specialized with addiction. Try to get your friend into therapy.


  • Talk them into seeking help by stating your concerns in a nice manner. Tell them you are “worried”.


  • Do not get emotional or angry with them, as emotions tend to become a backfire for the addict.


  • Give them your love and full support when you confront them. Tell them you will help them throughout their journey.


  • Incase they refuse your help, stay prepared and do not turn against them. You have to keep idrug_factsn mind that you need to help that person heal, so don’t push or assert your stance on them.


  • Take them to support groups to show them recovery stages. Provide them with support throughout their recovery.


  • Prepare for any relapse they may have during their treatment. The first attempt to get clean is difficult and will take time. Offer them more support and encourage them to try again.


  • Give a positive energy when they return from meetings or therapies and show empathy.