Chalkboard paint is a paint that gives a chalkboard-like finish upon the paints drying. They come in a variety of colors, and many brands to choose from. This paint can be applied to different surfaces – from mirror, to plates, mugs, walls, doors and wood tables – but each have a specific way of application and preparation methods.


To apply chalkboard paint on wood, a primer needs to be applied first so that the final product looks fine and it lasts long instead of peeling off too soon. The priming product acts as a binding agent that attaches the paint firmly to the surface of the painted piece. It will also fill the wood grain and seal the wood, so that a smooth surface is set for the paint to be applied. Here is how you will begin prepping the wooden item for chalkboard paint application:




  1. Sand and clean the surface of the wood piece that needs to be painted with the help of a sanding block. Sanding will aid in creating a smooth surface for the paint.


  1. Cover any knobs, nuts, or areas you don’t want painted with tape.


  1. Apply the primer to the surface and let it dry fully. Primer is applied with a paintbrush, paint roller, or foam brush. Spray-on primers are also good to use. Wait for 2-3 hours for this to dry.


  1. Add a second coat of the primer to the surface for better results. Let it dry fully.


  1. Now apply the chalkboard paint and let it dry. You can apply the pain with a flat paintbrush, or a paint roller.


  1. Reapply the second coat of paint and let it dry.


  1. Remove the tape from the knobs or nuts you covered earlier.


  1. Let the paint settle for 3-days at least before your use.