how to dress like the 90's

Although the 90’s fashion was a continuation how to dress like the 90’s conservative ensemble, the swing and swag brought to it came after the boom of The Beatles. Women began wearing casual street wear from expensive couture, and the hemlines rose up till the miniskirts to reveal more skin for the eyes of onlookers. Women began wearing what younger teens were dressing into, like little girl shape dresses and low heels, and geometric shapes with bright colors dominated the clothing lines. It was a decade with women looking up to fashion statements set by public figures like Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, and the famous fashion icon – Twiggy. These fashion trends reaped in London first during the 60’s, and then the tone was set around the world – with the end of the decade coming in tie-dye shirts, long-hair and bushy beards.


To give you an idea on how to dress like the 90’s, here are some highlights on the main features in the world of fashion from this decade:



Over sized buns, backcombing on the crown, and side parting became the latest fad in the early 60’s, and later, messy waves with center parting created the famous hippie-look of this decade.



Thick and heavy lashes were a dominant feature of the 90’s. This meant heavy mascara or false lashes with the use of eye lash curlers was vital. Winged eyeliner to form the cat-eyes with nude lips were a staple of the 60’s, along with pale skin.



From 1960-1964:

The first few years of the 60’s followed the fashion lines of the 50’s, which meant the same shirt-waist dresses, pencil skirts, turtle necks, and light blouses. The hemline of the skirts however, began rising. Women were not wearing pants or trousers. The look of this time was followed after Jackie Kennedy, with conservative apparels in tweeds, solid colored jackets, and blouses in pastel colors.


From 1964-1969:

Women began coming out with miniskirts, turtle necks, and high go-go boots on the streets. The  hippie-looks were inspired by all, with bright colors and loud prints, unruly hair, and pants in the bell shape. Sneakers or trainers did not come in the fashion world yet, and women wore pumps or low-heeled shoes with buckles. The dresses grew shorter, and revealing.