Yes, everyone thinks flying ants are creepy and scary like flying cockroaches! Getting rid of them is quite essential especially in the winters because this is the time of the year where the breed and grow, and are making a carpenter nest somewhere in your house.


To exterminate the ants for good from your home, Below are the tried and tested BEST Remedies:


 Ant Spray 

Check around your house to find put where they are coming from. Flying ants like areas that are damp and moist, which means they will be most likely near window sills, the roof’s rafters, leaky plumbing spots, the bathroom, the porch, or under a sink. Spray an ant spray there to kill them. You can also spray soapy water over these regions. Just mix dish washing soap with water in a spray bottle.


Search The Nest

Search for their nest around the house. These ants tend to have more than one nests. You can use a gel bait to find the main location as the ants will be drawn to the bait and take some with them to their nest. Just follow their return path. Spray the area they have nested themselves into.



Flying ants come for food in the house, so eliminate food wastes as quick as possible. Keep your kitchen neat and remove leftover foods at night.


Boric Acid

Boric acid keeps all insects at bay. Spread some boric acid on all the ant’s entering points.


Sugar and Borax Powder

You can also try mixing sugar in borax powder to make your own trap for the flying ants. Spread in a large container and let the ants swarm in. cover the lid when you think a large number of them have filled in. You can even spread it around the affected area. Because of the sugar all the ants will gather around it and after the grand feast you will see their corpses lying around.