Easter is one of the most loved holidays in the West throughout the year. It is a holiday celebrated i April, in honor of the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Easter should be celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm like Christmas, which means decorations are essential even for this special holiday. You can create easy and beautiful Easter decorations with a few basic tools – string, balloons, water, and some sugar! Make this a fun project to do with your kids as this simple guide is meant for all ages. The end results will make your wonderful homes festive in time for the Easter Bunny. Not only is this decoration highly creative and attractive to the eyes, it can be made for other occasions throughout the year. Set it as an annual Easter tradition for the whole family to look forward to every year!

You can learn how to make an Easter basket with string and balloon by following this simple tutorial and guide.


Things you will need

  • Balloons (one per Easter basket)
  • Colored crochet string (made from cotton)- choose the colors you wish to create the baskets in
  • Scissors
  • 1 cup extra fine granulated sugar
  • Measuring cup
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Needle
  • Ribbons, embellishments, sweets and decorations for the Easter basket filling
  • Glue
  • Spray can of clear paint


  1. Blow the balloon up to a size of your choice to make the Easter egg basket. Tie the inflated balloon with string that should be left freely 8-inches. This free string will be used in the next steps.


  1. Wrap the crochet string around the balloon randomly. Cover it fully, or leave some open space. When you are done, secure the string by placing it under the layers, making sure it won’t loosen, making sure it won’t loosen or open.

How to Make an Easter Basket


  1. In the bowl, mix the warm water with the sugar so that the sugar dissolves fully. The mixture will be very thick and gluey once the sugar is dissolved.


  1. Place the balloon in the sugar mixture and make it wet fully. All the sides of the balloon should be covered with the sugar mixture and be drenching in the sticky liquid.


  1. Hang the balloon to let it dry over a sink. Use the 8-inch string left to tie it. Leave it for 24-hours to fully dry.


  1. When it is dried completely, pop it with a needle and remove the ruptured balloon from under the string. You will have a thread egg-shaped basket formed.


  1. Add ribbons to the egg-shaped basket, and add decorations like chocolates and bunnies into it.Use your creativity and design it any way you and your children want to. 
  2. In the end, spray the Easter basket with clear paint for securing it and keeping it intact for future use.


We hope this guide helps you enjoy the wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Adding chocolates and savories for the young ones makes these baskets extra special for gifts handed out on Easter. You can fill up the Easter basket with toys as well. Have a happy Easter!




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