Ford F-150’s dash is made up from a number of panels and clusters which are responsible for holding it in the place. So, when it comes to removing its dash board, you may have to remove all of its components. However, the removal procedure depends a lot upon the year of the model as well.

Here is a general guideline for you on removing the dash from F-150:


  • Start by disconnecting the car’s negative battery cable. You will have to peel the insulator towards the back. Loosen the nut with a wrench and set the cable aside.


  • For this step, you may require a Philips screw driver. You have to remove the knee bolster present at the driver’s side. For that you have to remove the screws present, and then loosen the bolster up with the help of a flat screw driver and a trim stick. Take the knee bolster out and set it aside as well.


  • Now, you should start by unscrewing the cluster bezel. These are basically two screws present at the lower corners of the steering column. Release the column with the help of a trim stick. Disconnect all the electrical connections, if any, present over there. If required, you will have to remove the steering wheel as well.


  • Now take the trim stick and simply move it across the instrument panel to remove it.


  • No that the instrument panel is removed, unscrew the screws which are located at the upper side of the finished panel.


  • Now open the glove compartment. Press its sides inwards until the bumper passes through the stop.


  • You can remove any fastener which is present at the bottom and take out the glove compartment.


  • Now, you just need to remove the push pin fastener and remove the dash.