Most of the times, a window can be the focal point of a room. They larger they are, the more the impact and beauty of the room and the view it will give. Thus, windows have an important architectural element.

But most homes will have small windows. Remodeling may not be a choice for most people due to structural and budgetary reasons. To counter your problem, you don’t have to enlarge it, but use some nifty tricks to make the window appear bigger.



  1. Hang the curtains higher and wider


By hanging the curtains up high, the windows will appear taller than the actual window. Same goes for making it look wider: with a longer rod, you can increase the width of the window.


  1. Mount blinds on the outside


When you mount blinds or shades at the outside of the window, it will give the illusion of a larger window.



  1. Add a trim and molding


By adding visual weight to the window, it will appear larger. This can be done with a molding and trim. Add details and layers to make the window look larger.


  1. Select the right fabric


Choose curtain and draperies with vertical patterns to make the window look taller. And if you choose horizontal patterns for the curtain fabric, your window will look wider. If you want to increase both height and width, choose a vertically inclined pattern or a solid print. You can add drapery fabrics, and valances to add more size to the window.