A windshield may be cracked at any time of the year; be it due to extreme weather conditions or a faulty accident on your behalf. The windshield of a car provides the main structural support to the vehicle. It is made of two layers of glass and has an automotive safety glass in the center of these two. The central lamentation is what holds the two glasses at the times of cracks appearing, and this is why windshields do not fall apart on the slightest of cracks.

Sealing minor windshield cracks is simple and should be done sooner so that the tear in the glass doesn’t deepen or widen. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to repair a cracked windshield.




First, use an alcohol pad to clean the scratch. Then, all you have to do is fill up the crack with a clear re.sin. This will restore the appearance of the glass. When the resin has dried, polish to make a smooth surface. This way the crack will not spread and it will be fully sealed.

In case the crack is deep and at a slanted angle, the central glass layer may have been damaged. At such an instance, the crack needs to be deepened with a drill so that a hole is created. This will allow the resin to penetrate till the central glass. The resin must be left under sunlight to dry off then.