A tie is an essential accessory for men’s wardrobes as it elevates the ensemble of their attire. Ties add a gentlemanly touch and professional look to a wardrobe and after mixing and matching with different shirts; you can make infinite outfit combinations.


Since a tie is the most prominent feature when wearing a suit, it is vital to avoid wearing an unkempt tie to avoid looking sloppy. To look good, caring for your tie is needed. Every tie is made from a different type of material, which means it requires a different form of care. Here is a list of ways to care for your tie and remove any stains or spills on it:


  • Remember to take immediate action when anything is spilled on a tie. A stain is tougher to remove when it dries and absorbs.


  • Never throw ties in a washing machine as that will lead to the death of it! There are certain ties that may be machine-washed, but it is best to clean them properly with your hands. Ties can be hand washed or dry-cleaned.


  • Ties should be air dried to avoid damage of the lining.


  • Stains are removed from a tie according to the fabric in the following way:


  • Silk: If your favorite silk tie gets stained, place a towel over a radiator, and place the tie over it. Spray over the spot then with cold water. Blot it then with a soft tissue and leave it on the radiator overnight. Try doing this a few nights to get rid of the stain completely.


  • Wool: Never machine wash a woolen tie, and never iron it. Use a steamer instead to remove wrinkles. Dry cleaners will get rid of a stain properly.


  • Linen: A stain on a linen tie should be washed with hand. But after washing, never wring the tie; instead, press out the water and leave out to air dry. Iron the tie on the steam setting.


  • Polyester: Hand wash these ties in cold or lukewarm water. Steam or iron on a polyester tie. Remember to avoid ironing over a stain on this tie as the heat can set the stain.