Galaxies are so cool. You paint them and they can be used anywhere: on your phone cover, as your laptop’s wall paper, as your room’s wall paper and as a painting. You can paint a galaxy very easily by following some simple steps.

Things You Need

  • Black Canvas (You can go for white as well)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paints in the colors you want to paint your galaxy in (We are using different shades of blue and purple)
  • A paintbrush
  • Some water for smearing
  • Some water for dipping the brush in
  • Black acrylic paint (In case you have a white canvas)


Step 1

In case you have a white canvas, paint it black. You can even try this on a t shirt or any clothing piece.

Step 2

Now take your purple and blue paints and start painting the galaxy. Use different shapes for different planets. You don’t want a perfectly round planet, as the shape of every planet varies in reality. Overlap the colors. Basically use your artistic mind to show the galaxy.



Step 3

You can smear the colors together by slightly dipping your brush into the water and then moving it on the canvas. You will have to be really careful with that as you don’t want to ruin your painting by dipping the brush too much.

Step 4

You can dip the paint brush in white acrylic paint and create small stars with it. You don’t have to make a perfect shape. In fact simple white dots depicting the stars would work just fine. On the other hand you can take a tooth brush and dip it white paint; and with a help of your thumb or  the index finger you can spray the white color by pulling its bristles back and releasing them forward.

Step 5

Let the paint dry.

Your galaxy painting is ready. You can hang it on a wall just as it is or frame it. OR if you have tried this on a t-shirt instead of a canvas its ready to be worn.