Getting a medium-length haircut but worried on how you will tie it up during the summer heat? Have no fear, for there are a plethora of hairstyles to apply to your new hair! By following these ideas, you can come up with different hairstyles for all occasions with your medium length hair, and keep your tresses out of your face. Here’s how to looks stylish and elegant with medium length hair:


  1. Buns: Making a bun is probably the easiest updo for every hair length. For medium length, try a messy bun that you simply have to tie with a rubber band. Pull out a few strands to create a messy bun.

  1. Knots: The knot makes a woman look sophisticated and chic at the same time. Although loose and messy knots are more modern, the properly backcombed and tight knots look elegant and are a classic.


  1. Braids: These have come back in style with a bang! Look like an “Elsa” even with your short hair by making a side, loose braid till the length you have. And let loose a few strands from the front to look super stylish and hobo.

  1. Multi-Styles: You can make medium lengths fun and trendy by mixing a few styles together – like twists with curls, braids in buns, hairbands with knots, and so on. You can create many styles with your own imagination.