Wearing a gaff needs to have a proper technique. You just cannot simply wear a gaff just as it is, as it loses its main reason of wearing.

Here are some tips about how to wear a gaff.


  • The first and the foremost thing to do is to shave your pubic area. Otherwise it is going to hurt you a lot.


  • There is a cavity present under your abdomen. You should start by tucking your testicles under it. Remember that this should not hurt if you are doing it in the right way.


  • You can secure your testicles by taping them over there.


  • You need to know that the larger side of the gaff comes in the front of your body. Also, when it is time to wear it, you should do so while either lying down on the floor or on the bed.


  • Make sure that the gaff you have chosen is of the right size for you.


  • While pulling the gaff up, smooth your penis between your legs.