Since its establishment in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the famous brand under his name “Gucci” has ruled the fashion industry as one of the dominating style icons. Securing a wide range of fashion products, from clothing, to accessories like shoes, handbags, wallets, watches, and fragrances, Gucci is one of the most highly known fashion houses in the world.

gucci cologne

But due to its high prices, many fake suppliers have introduced copies of the original Gucci products. One main  product these unauthentic suppliers imitate are the line of colognes made by Gucci, as they are popular for their fragrances, but equally high in prices.


You can easily get ripped off since it is almost impossible to distinguish a real and fake cologne. Unlike clothes which can show uneven stitching, wrong labeling, or faults in the design, colognes and fragrances by any famous brand can not be identified as fake until one masters the tips on learning how to tell real from fake. You can easily learn how to spot a fake Gucci cologne with the help of this guide and be able to distinguish any fragrance from every brand’s authenticity with it.

To spot a fake cologne and not be ripped off, look into these tips:


  • Visit the original Gucci website to check the bottle design and box design of the cologne you wish to purchase. Try to make your purchase from the authentic website so that you don’t end up purchasing from a fake retailer. If not, look at the steps below for further help.


  • A fake cologne will be much lower in price than the original bottle you check on the website. You can check the original price online and compare it with the one being sold to you.


  • A fake Gucci perfume will have a proper cellophane wrapping made of good quality. The thickness and clarity of this cellophane wrapping is instantly recognizable on fake colognes. The wrapping will be sealed loosely for a real perfume, while the fake one will be tapped in or be excessively glued.


  • The box of the cologne will be made of a thinner material, and the color will be duller than the original’s box.


  • You can also visit the original Gucci outlet to stay away from fake perfume retailers. Smell the perfume and see how long the real colognes aura lasts on you. A fake’s smell will not last for more than a few hours.


  • An original Gucci perfume will have an inner box within the outer box. This is pure white and it will be thick.


  • The spray header of the perfume is strongly fit and sprays evenly for an original perfume. For a fake, the header will break off after a few uses.


  • Check the bar code under the bottle, which is engraved in the box. Most fake perfumes are negligent in placing a bar code.

  • A real perfume does not leave an oily feel on the applicator.


  • A real Gucci perfume’s fragrance will last the entire day, while a fake wears off in 2-3 hours.