Cleaning jewelry regularly is healthy and extends the life of your jewels a swell. Dirty jewelry can lead to infections, especially when it comes to unclean earrings. This is because the ear holes are sensitive, and dirt accompanied with sweat accumulates in it. So if you wish to avoid infections, you should properly clean your earrings regularly.


There are different techniques when it comes to cleaning earrings. But to sterilize them and not ruin them in the process, you will have to use rubbing alcohol for it. Simply, fill up a bowl with rubbing alcohol, and place the earrings in the bowl for an hour. This will allow all the bacteria and germs to be killed. Take an old toothbrush or a nail brush, and dip it in the rubbing alcohol. Rub this brush over the earrings gently, and cover all areas with it. Don’t worry about the gemstones losing their color as alcohol in fact enhances the shine of stones.


In the end, rinse the earring with water. Place them on a dry towel and let them dry, patting them lightly. Your earrings will be completely clean and sterile.