With the summers to reach its peak temperatures this year and air conditioning working to a minimal then, you may want to learn a few ways to sleep coolly and comfortably. Staying cool at night can be done with a chilly furnace next to your cheek – or with a cool pillow. With a comfortable and a good night’s sleep, you will feel refreshed and joyous in the day. But you may be wondering now: how to have a cool pillow?


Don’t worry! There are several ways to make that pillow cooler to sleep on. Try any one of these techniques below to have a cool night:


Choose the Right Pillowcool pillow

Let the pillow do all the work for you instead of you making it cool! Purchase a pillow that does not trap heat. A standard memory foam pillow is comfortable to sleep on but not in the summers, as its foam does not allow room for air circulation. Instead, opt for cotton stuffing or buckwheat pillows. Modern pillows have infused gel designs for cooling. Try getting one of those online or from a home department store. These pillows are designed for cooling the sleeper at night, and give them a good rest.



Flip Your Pillow

If you are asleep, change the side of the pillow to bring the cool side up. Flipping the pillow will bring the cooler side, but this too will warm and you may be flipping the pillow throughout the night. So best to move onto the next option below.




Ice Pack

A great way to make the pillow cool is with an ice pack. Do not use an ice pack that has been applied to an injury. Use a clean ice pack placed in the freezer for a few hours before you go to bed. When you set to lie down, remove the ice pack from the freezer and put it under the pillow. The best type of ice packs are the gel-based ones designed to treat injuries. You can also try buying the Chillow, which is an ice pack designed for this purpose. Simply tuck Chillow over the pillow cover and stay cool all through the night.



Use a Printed T-Shirt

Wrap your pillow in an old t-shirt with a painted print over it. This print stays cool and will give you a good night’s sleep.






Freeze Your Pillow

Wrap your pillow in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. This will make the pillow cool down and create an icy pillow to sleep on. The plastic bag over the pillow will prevent it from getting wet in the freezer.




Cool Your Face

Since your face is causing the pillow to get warm, cool it off by splashing some cold water over it before going to bed. Wash the neck and shoulders too so that your face temperature falls. You can place a spray bottle with cold water to keep your face cold through the night. Just sprits away when you get hot at night.



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