Juggling between work and family life can lead to various reasons of leaving your job for a certain time frame. A leave, or time off, can be mandatory – like birth of a child or medical conditions prevent you from continuing for a few weeks, or voluntary – like to pursue education, a certain illness, or stress to get a few days off. Either way, you will need to give a leave letter to your boss stating your personal reasons for being away for some time.

Here is a sample of a personal reason leave letter to get you acquainted with it’s style and format:


Kevin Baldwin

785 Prospect Ave, Bld 187

Hollister, CA 98072-4888



17th April, 2015


John Simons

HR Manager

Direct Tech INC

29837 Prompt-Bend

San Juan Capistrano, CA 98764





Dear Sir,


I would like to request a leave from work for two weeks due to my health condition. As you already know, I was recently diagnosed with gall bladder stones and will need surgery soon. I seek your approval for a leave from May 1, 2015, till July 1, 2015.

In this leave I will be able to get my designated surgery, and recovery time period at home under the supervision of my wife.


I will ensure that my work at the office does not suffer, and tell Mr. Roberts from my department to take over my tasks in my absence. I will stay in touch with him via email and phone.


Thank you so much for your kind consideration in this matter.




Kevin Baldwin

(HR Senior)