Dogs are a man’s most favorite household pets as they are, after all, man’s best friends. However, there are certain breeds that have a hostile nature, and are rather not safe to keep around children and intruders due to their aggressive physical attacks and constant barking. Although these breeds can be used for protection and are mostly kept at security sites, these aggressive canines can cause a high number of injuries and even fatalities than others if they aren’t properly cared for and trained.

Here is a list that are according to research done in the US, the most dangerous dog breeds:


Pit bulls: These are the most dangerous dogs when compared to other breeds as they have caused the most death rates. They have an aggressive nature, and most governments have actually banned breeding Pitbulls in their countries. Their aggressive nature can be curbed through an extensive and proper training. These dogs are widely known for illegal dog fighting sports.


Rottweiler: This breed of dogs has an astonishing strength and an extremely powerful bite. They can guard a house well if they are trained correctly, but are still considered an unsuitable family pet. They are ideal for guard dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs, and search dogs, and some have even kept them as herd dogs.


German Shepard: Developed in 1985, this breed has proven to be a highly intelligent and powerful animal. But this makes them very dangerous too. If untreated, these dogs can turn very aggressive. They are kept as pets usually, but require proper training. These dogs are very active, and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They prove to be excellent guard dogs for search missions. They are prone to biting and attacking other breeds and intruders.


Doberman Pinscher: These dogs are commonly used as police dogs, as they have a very aggressive and fierce nature, especially when it comes to strangers. Their large size and immense strength makes them dangerous to have in households, despite them being alert, loyal and intelligent.


Bullmastiff: These large and intimidating dogs are huge, and weight at least 130 pounds. With their massive size, they appear as imposing and dominating animals, which need training for obedience. They serve as best family guard dogs and react immediately when their owner and family members are in danger.


Husky: These dogs are athletic dogs and have a history of being work-dogs. They are a breed that pulls sleds in the northern regions as they can pull fast, and they can withssatnd extreme cold conditions due to their thick furs.They require regular walks as they are energetic. They are friendly towards children and visitors as compared to other dogs, but they need proper training to be kept as pets.


Malamute: A large breed for domestic dogs, these are famous for their temperament and aggressive nature when untrained. The Alaskan Malamute are quiet and bark seldom, but they are dangerous and even fatal around strangers, kids, and small animals.


Wolf Hybrid: Crossbred with wolves directly, these dogs are dangerous towards humans as they carry genes of a wolf.


Boxer: Descendants of hunting dogs and originating from Germany, boxers were used in WWI as attack and guard dogs, they carry strong jaws, and have a very powerful bite. They are good for families that need a sense of security. They are intelligent and easy to train, and are also kept as police dogs.


Great Dane: These German dogs are enormous in size and height. They socialize with other breeds and familiar humans, but turn aggressive towards if they are not trained properly. They can be dangerous for children and small animals if they are uncared for as well.