Burberry Belts

The luxury goods brought out in the world of fashion by brands like Burberry are easily replicated so that those with a designer fetish and low budgets can fulfill their desires of wearing the best fashion products – if not the real ones. Most fake items of Burberry are produced simply due to their well-known print, which is the famous checkered of this popular fashion house. However, since these fake items are made on cheap prices in small factories by the replicating producers, they may make a few glitches in their attempts of replicating the product.


If you wish to rule out an imposter of a Burberry product, there are several ways to help you. It is very easy to tell a real Burberry product from a fake one if you know the basics of telling apart a fake and real. To learn this distinction, you can start with one of their products, like a Burberry belt. Here is a guide on how to spot fake Burberry belts in the markets.


  1. Check the price of the Burberry belt. An original Burberry belt will be very expensive, their price ranging from 150 pounds or more. Any belt below this price may very well be a fake. Visit the authentic website for Burberry or their official store and check the prices of the belts there to compare the price with what your buyer is offering.


  1. Check the stitching of the belt. While looking at the belt, look closely at the stitching. An original belt will have a neat and durable stitch. The stitch must be finely and neatly done, with a good thread all around that flows evenly. An untidy stitch means it’s a fake. No untidy threads will stick out from the edges of the belt. The belt will have 5 holes for the buckle pin as well.


  1. Look at the buckle of the belt. Check the hardware of the belt. Every Burberry belt will have a solid buckle which will be intact. A fake belt will have a flimsy and loose buckle, with a low-quality engrave on it.


  1. Feel the material of the belt. Burberry belts are made of genuine leather which have a smooth finish and pure leathery smell. The touch of these belts are soft and they are cut to perfection. The belt will easily bend and roll. A fake will have low-quality leather material that is hard to touch and fold. The leather will not smell like real leather too. Also, the color of the belt should not be dull or faded.


  1. Check the logo of Burberry on the belt. A real Burberry belt will have the correct logo of the brand on it, without any spelling mistakes. The R’s for Burberry will have pointed ridges and then have a curl trailed outwards if it is an authentic.If there is no ridge on the R, it is a fake. Also, “Burberry” will be written in capitalized and cold letters, like BURBERRY. There will also be a small symbol showing a knight on a horse on the label or logo, called an “Equestrian Knight”, and the knight will be facing the left.


  1. Check where the belt says “Made in”. All Burberry belts are made in Italy or London. Also check the boxing and packaging of the belt.


Visit the online website for Burberry or their official store to learn about the original products. Fakes can not copy the exact designs from an original and you can easily spot the fake belt by knowing the actual design of an authentic belt. Zoom in the pictures to see the details of the belt. You can also visit the store to feel how the real belt is at touch, and check that it is made of a softer material.


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