The American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language used with signs from the hands. It is thus, unwritten, and it is completely different from other languages. It is used for communication with deaf residents in North America.

The ASL uses hand signals and usually face expressions to explain a view or opinion. To translate from English into ASL, you need to master the sign language fully. Here is a way to help you figure out how you can:


  1. Become fluent in the English language first. Then learn the basic alphabets used in ASL with the hands. You can learn it by joining a ASL academy, and take a beginner course there. It takes time to learn and master the signs.


  1. Learn ASL till your mind can comprehend it. Thus, when you are being spoken to, your mind can figure out that speech in ASL.
  1. Keep a strong observation of ASL interpreters, and communicate with them. They can also give you tips on how they learnt the language.


  1. Translate the basic sentences first, and understand the key features of the sentence that you can translate first. Remember that ASL has different sentence strictures than English sentence structures. In ASL, the main words are communicated first.