Snaking toilets is a method to unclog a toilet. Although plungers can help in opening up the clog, or a plumber can fix the problem, buying a plumber’s snake can help you save money and avoid uncomfortable bathroom problems. A plumbing snake is very long and flexible, like a snake, and it can reach into the inside of the toilet drainage system. It grabs the gunk stuck in a toilet and pulls it out.


The right way to use a plumbing snake is as follows:


  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves, as clogs are messy, and the snake is slippery when inserted. Rubber gloves lets a firm grip on the snake.


  • Turn off the water tank of the flush. The shut-off valve will be next to the toilet bowl or right behind it.


  • Insert the end of the plumber’s snake in the toilet’s drain. Very slowly, feed in the wire of the snake into the opening.


  • Once it has been inserted a few inches, slowly turn the crank of the snake and push it further into the opening. Make a few rotations so that the snake starts to advance in through the line.


  • If the snake gets stuck or hard to move, add some water to the toilet with a bowl as a lubricant for the passage of the snake. The snake will begin getting difficult to crank as it advances towards the clog.


  • Once the snake is not advancing any further, try to push and wiggle it in a back and forth motion to loosen the blockage stopping its way. If the problem is gunk, pull the wire out and push the snake past it. Very slowly pull it out.


  • When the clog is cleared, remove the plumbing snake and wash it. Turn on the toilets water and test your flush.