Mascara is a must for women when they apply makeup, as it aids in adding volume and definition to the eyelashes. There are instances, however, when the mascara can stick the lashes together and make the lashes look clumped. This is a very unattractive effect for the eyes and overall makeup. There are tricks to aid in applying the mascara smoothly and un-clumping them.


  • Apply mascara over a clean and washed face. Use an eye makeup remover when you apply mascara as the gunk around the eyes can make the mascara clump.


  • Before applying mascara, comb through the eyelashes with the other end of an eyebrow brush. This will straighten out the eyelashes and if you have applied eye makeup remover before, the comb will run over the lashes with the remover acting like hair gel for it.


  • Always curly your eyelashes before applying mascara.


  • Wipe the excess mascara off of the wand before you apply it to avoid clumps.


  • Apply a single coat of mascara to the eyelashes and let it dry before applying the second coat.


  • After applying mascara, run a fine metal eyelash comb through the lashes to prevent them from sticking to one another. Run the comb through the lashes while the mascara is still wet.


  • If you don’t have a lash comb, you can also use disposable mascara wands that are available in supply stores. You should wash the wand after each use.


  • Do not use an old, dried out or thick mascara, as it leads to clumpy eyelashes. If you have eye drops, pour in some in the thickened mascara to make it thinner and finer to apply.


  • Always clean the eyelash comb after using it with eye makeup remover for your next use.