You come across different people with strengths and weaknesses during a job recruitment. Some fit your criteria, while others may not. Rejecting the ones not fit for the position have to be informed professionally and appropriately. After the interview process is completed, it is vital for the employer or manager to communicate with the candidate and inform them that they did not make it.


While selecting the right candidate may be a tough decision as well, it is the rejection of the others that must be properly and aptly done too. The task of turning down the job for the candidates has to provide them with closure, so that your candidate has no emotional breakdown. You may also want to keep a nice tone so as not to lose a potential applicant for any future job openings. Furthermore, goals for this rejection have to be kind and courteous so that the company’s reputation is built-up.


You can turn down a job candidate in these two ways:


Through an Email


Rejecting over an email is easier than confronting the candidate with the bad news. However, an email should be sent to applicants who have not reach the interview process. Compose the email in a word processing program, and explain in it briefly the reasons you chose another applicant. Admire their skills in it but lay out the reason of rejection along with it for your choice. Make sure you end the letter  by wishing them well in their job search.


Through a Call


After the interview, rejecting a job candidate via phone should be done immediately when the job you offered is given to someone else. Speak over the phone nicely, and tell them why you are personally calling to break the news. Give a good reason for why you chose someone else and how they have great skills as well. End the call by thanking them for applying and wishing them well for the future.