The epoxy flooring requires minimum maintenance to regime its shine and beauty. However, it does need proper cleaning to keep its coating intact. Damaging the floor coating is very easy to do if you don’t know the proper techniques and procedure of cleaning and repairing it. Here is all the information you need to know on how to clean and repair an epoxy floor.


Cleaning an epoxy floor


Although it’s advertisements say the floor is a dust repel-er, it doesn’t mean you completely ignore its cleanliness. Stains and marks can gather on this floor and they can strike out if you don’t clean them. To clean the floor, you need a simple dishwashing liquid and water. The dish washing liquid helps maintain the shine of the floor and cleanses all the dust particles and stains. Mix ½ a cup of the liquid with 6 gallons of water, and use a mop to clean the floor then. Avoid abrasive floor cleaners or acid-based ones as they damage the flooring. Keep the floor away from alkali-based cleansers as well, and use soft bristle brushes when cleaning it instead of sandpaper. Use a sponge to clean small marks with water.


Repairing an epoxy floor


If you have somehow managed to damage the floor’s shine, you can easily polish it with a clear polymer glaze coat, you can also use wax polish on the upper surface to remove any minor scratches. Metallic style polishes need three coatings to give an immediate protection to the floor.

If the floor has been scratched and scored deeply, the chances are grime and dust will gather in it very quickly, so quick steps in its repair will be needed. To fix this problem, use an approved cleanser and polish over the floor.

When chemicals spill on the floor like petrol or oil, they must be immediately cleaned. Some chemicals may change the color of the floor due to surface reaction. For its recovery, you will need approved epoxy products and cleaners for usage.