A walking stick can be a companion for the elderly when they go out for a walk. However, they can be used for hiking, exercise, and other physical purposes for people. A walking stick serves the user the ability to remove pressure off of their lower body joints while letting the arms perform some of the work. As the energy is distributed in the entire body, more calories are burned with it, along with giving a consistent strait to the user and breathing rhythm.


Irrespective of its reason for use, knowing which walking stick to buy is important. This includes know the type of wood it is made from, the length of the stick, etc. Follow these tips to know how to choose the right walking stick for yourself.

  • Figure out the correct size of the walking stick by knowing your height. You will also need to know the exact activity the stick will be used for and the terrain over which it shall be used.


  • A perfect option for walking sticks is making one on order. A custom made walking stick is more comfortable and liable. However, if your budget is low, look for the comfort and size when you go to a shop.


  • Test the different walking sticks at a crafts store. After that, go online and look for a good deal on that type of stick.


  • Take the advice of the store owner or other owners of walking sticks to make the right choice on the make of the walking stick.


  • Make an order once you are fully aware of which sick you are to buy.


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