Gold remains one of the most lucrative metals in the world. Despite its price, everyone purchases and wears gold, be it men or women. As the demand for gold raises annually, most gold dealers have started selling it on installments that are easy for clients. The markups kept a few years ago were low, but with a rise in competition, gold dealers now charge no markups from customers, as long as they receive the payment in a specific time frame.


Below is the best way to pay off your gold bill with your dealer:


  • Set your budget by knowing how much you can pay off every month. This way, you can choose a product type in that estimate. Check your monthly earning and compare it to your expense to analyze how much you can save and pay off.


  • Select your jeweler by listing all the dealers offering an easy installment method. Visit the names you have selected and talk to them about your plan on purchase and spending.


  • Choose the gold item and the amount you wish to buy from the selected dealer. This item should fall in your budget and match your pocket.


  • Sign a contract with the dealer, which clearly states the item you bought, the weight of gold in it, and how much you will be paying every month as installments. Ensure the zero markup clause has been mentioned in the contract, so that you know in what timeframe you will pay them.


  • Pay the dealer in time to set a good dealing.