Sometimes, the cursor of a new laptop may jump to another place, or highlight text on its own, or be performing functions you did not ask for. If you’re getting frustrated over the keyboard settings of your new laptop, you are at the right place to be guided!


  1. Turn on your laptop, and enter the Control Panel password so that you can access the desktop applications. Let the Windows load then. When it does, you will see a list of all the avai;able fine the programs at the left bottom of the home screen. Here, you will see a Control Panel button. Click on this to enter the hardware applications of the computer.


  1. In the folder, you will find the Keyboard Sensitivity tab. Double-click on this, and with the mouse cursor, adjust the sensitivity level to fast from slow, or whatever your needs are.


  1. Test the sensitivity of the keyboard now in the Test Area option. Check if you need fast settings or slow here.


You have successfully altered the laptop keyboard sensitivity settings now!