After watching “Prison Break”, the thought of breaking out of prison seemed rather possible. But where are the most notorious criminals held securely? The terrorists, rapists, serial killers, or drug lords? There are actually very highly secure prisons set around the globe to keep such heinous criminals behind bars till justice is served. Here is a list of the top 10 high security jails in the world that are impossible to break out of:


  1. ADX Florence, USA

Based in Colorado, the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX), is the most secure jail in the world. The prisoners are kept in their cells all day, and the cells have no direct access. The most dangerous criminals are placed in this prison.


  1. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, USA

Alcatraz is one of the most renowned prisoners in the world as it imprisoned some of the biggest felons like Al Capone, Rafael Miranda, Machine Gun Kelly, or Whitey Bulger. The prison is located on a lone island that is 2-kilometers off the shore of San Francisco. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was closed down in 1968, but its repute of being the toughest prison to escape still lives on.


  1. La Sante Prison, France

Who knew the most romantic city in the world would hold one of the strongest jails on earth? The La Sante Prison was built in 1867, and it is an impossibly inescapable facility as it is notoriously reputed for locking up prisoners – for real.


  1. Federal Correctional Complex (Terre Haute), USA

Based in Indiana, the maximum security of the Federal Correctional Complex is deployed with a few personnel. Yet, it is one of the tightest prisons in terms of security. Surveillance cameras with 360-degree viewing line the prison, along with motion sensors, facial recognition systems, and biometric locks.


  1. Souza Baranowski Center, USA

Located in Massachusettes, the Souza Baranowski Center comprises with a surveillance system that was specially designed by the institute of MIT. The system has a highly advanced camera matrix systems within that can record 24-hours of every angle of the facility.



  1. Arthur Road Jail, India

Arthur Road Jail is the largest and oldest prison in Mumbai. The British built it in 1926 during the colonial times, and it was able to house 1000 prisoners then. But it can now hold up to 2000 inmates. It is built on 2 acres of land and is an impenetrable fortress. It is bomb-proof, and the most advanced weapons can not shake its walls. Despite its run-down conditions and human right infringement assumption, no prisoner can break out of this prison, hands down.


  1. Fuchu Prison, Japan

Located in the heart of the heart of Fuchu, Tokyo, the Fuchu Prison was utilized to imprison communist leaders before WWII. It is currently equipped with the latest surveillance gadgets to keep the prisoners bound within the vicinity.


  1. Camp Delta, USA

Camp Delta is a part of the Guantanamo Bay, located in Cuba, but under the US ownership. The prison is famous to imprison the biggest terrorists of the world. 12 guards are assigned to a single prisoner in this jail.


  1. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

Built in the early 20th century by the French forces as military barracks, the Tadmor Military Prison grew into a jail where survival us tough due to the abysmal living conditions within. The jail lies in the midst of a desert that is 200-kilometers to Damascus. Prisoners can enter or leave only through a secure tunnel, and once in, they are heavily tied to chains.


  1. Qincheng Prison, China

The Qincheng Prison is located in Chanfping District in Beijing. The prison was built in 1958 with the help of the Soviet Union. There are 5,000 security personnel within to lock the prisoners within their cells at all times. The prison is 3,000 feet above sea level, and there are the latest surveillance cameras and electronic equipment in the prison.