Bourbon is a form of whisky that comprises of certain production necessities that needs to be labeled when sold, as bourbon made at home is illegal in most countries.


But preparing some for your beer boys at home for a party can be made fun by following this easy and safe recipe.


Things you will need


  • Two 5 gallon jugs
  • A funnel
  • A food thermometer
  • A corona corn grain mill
  • A 10 gallon copper still




  • A pile of whole kernel corn
  • A handful of rye
  • Wheat
  • Nut milk bags
  • Distillers yeast
  • Toasted oak chips




  1. Combine the rye, corn, and wheat, keeping the ratios as 15% rye, 70&corn, and 15% wheat, and add this to the grain mill to mash.


  1. When the grains have pulverized, add the contents to a pot of boiling water.


  1. When the mixture falls to 86 degrees, add a cup of the yeast and mix. Stir well till the yeast combines with the mash. A dough-like substance will form that will give a smell of corn bread.


  1. Put the mash in the jugs, and seal them. Leave the jugs in a cool place to ferment for 2-weeks.


  1. Strain the watery alcohol after the 2-week wait. Put the still over a medium heat for an hour.


  1. The still will evaporate and separate the distillate in the pot. A white liquid forms, which can be consumed after a wait of 3-months for proper aging.