Caffeine is a must for everyone in the morning or during the day when they need to wake up and be alert. However, consuming too much caffeine can be detrimental for the health. Intake of caffeine is an addiction as it is a drug, but with a little commitment and a lot of dedication, you can get your life rid from this drug addiction and restores your energy back. Caffeine can either be healthy when it acts as a powerful antioxidant or it could be unhealthy if consumed in large quantities, whatever the case a person may at times need a break from caffeine as it interferes with the body’s natural regulatory rhythms and excessive use of it can leave a person out of balance, hence it will leave you struggling for sleep as it blocks the sleep neural transmitters that your body naturally produces

Cup of coffee and coffee beans on wooden table

Here are some ways you can take a break from your caffeine addiction:


  • Go cold turkey!  The biggest benefit of this approach is that you can get rid of the habit faster and enjoy the benefits of a caffeine much sooner than say the gradual approach. However the problem with this approach is that a person can experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and felling drowsy which may lead you to giving up sooner than you expected.


  • Substitute your cup of coffee with green tea. Remove one cup of coffee a day and take green tea instead of it.


  • Drink more water to wash out the caffeine in your blood stream, and replace it for your soda cravings.


  • Drink freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning to give you energy.


  • Limit your consumption of alcohol, as it dehydrates the body, and it will also raise your soda cravings.


  • Look for distractions when your caffeine craving kicks in. you can carry a pocket video game, a crossword puzzle, or go online to get your mind off of caffeine.


  • Take a nap when you feel lethargic. It is more helpful than coffee.


  • Drink hot liquids of coffee is your main element. Try substituting coffee with hot chocolate or chai latte.