Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, Gucci has set itself as a dominating Italian fashion house in the world. The brand produces handbags, shoes, wallets, fragrances, belts, suits, and many more accessories. But their sky-high prices are a barrier to most buyers, who then tend to search for fakes to fulfill their desires. For this reason, many fake companies are producing copies of Gucci’s products, one common being their line of fragrances.



To spot a fake Gucci perfume and know about it being real or not, there are a few tips to follow:


  • A fake perfume will be much lower in price than the original bottle. You can check the original price online and compare it with the one being sold to you.


  • A fake Gucci perfume will have proper cellophane wrapping in good quality. The thickness and clarity is instantly recognizable on fake perfumes. The wrapping will be sealed loosely for a real perfume, while the fake one will be tapped in or be excessively glued.


  • The box of the perfume will be made of a thinner material, and the color will be duller than the original’s box.


  • Check the detailed information by visiting the Gucci original website.


  • You can also visit the original Gucci outlet to stay away from fake perfume retailers.


  • An original Gucci perfume will have an inner box within the outer box. This is pure white and thick.6nulhu


  • The spray header of the perfume is strongly fit and sprays evenly for an original perfume.


  • Check the bar code under the bottle. Most fake perfumes are negligent in placing a bar code.


  • A real perfume does not leave an oily feel on the applicator.


  • A real Gucci perfume’s fragrance will last the entire day, while a fake wears off in 2-3 hours.