Interested in making tea at home but don’t have a teapot? Making tea requires continued water boiling and brewing. The thought of heating water for it may intimidate you, but you will be pleased to know you can easily use a coffee percolator instead to make your tea every time you feel like getting a fresh cup! You can brew your tea in it and get ample amounts of hot tea every time you want.


Here are the steps involved in brewing tea in a coffee percolator:


  1. Wash and clean the percolator thoroughly to get rid of the smell and taste of coffee grounds in it.


  1. Pour in cold water to it up till the eight-cup fill line.


  1. In the pot, insert the rod and basket into the pot and add three tea bags (or according to your desire) in the basket. If you choose to use bulk tea instead, add a filter to the basket first, and then three teaspoons of tea (or according to your taste).

  1. Turn on the percolator, and let it run till it automatically turns off.


  1. Now remove the rod and basket, and discard the tea bags. Replace the lid to keep your tea warm.