Finding someone you haven’t met for years is very simple these days due to the Internet offering a plethora of means like social networking websites, online phone books, or online businesses. In developed countries like the U.S., it is the easiest to locate a person you are looking for. But there are still some countries like Mexico where people are not computer-literate, and even the state government offices lack fully computerized databases to record the personnel living around them. Be it a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance, you may have a tough time in knowing about their whereabouts from anywhere. Therefore, locating someone in places like Mexico can be a difficult task.


But that shouldn’t despair you as where there is a will, there is a way! And the most difficult of problems in looking for that person may be solved by reading this guide and learning how to find a person from Mexico. If you seek to find a person from Mexico, you may have to undergo one of these options to locate them:


Telmex White Pages for MexicoHow to Find a Person in Mexico

Visit the Telemex national white pages site and see their Resources to find the person you are looking for in Mexico. You will have to sign up on the website by placing your personal information, such as your full name, address, and phone number. Next, you will have to enter details about the municipality, the state or region where the person you are looking for lives. Type their full name in the correct form field, and you will enter the paternal last name first, then the maternal last name. You will then click on “Buscar”, or Find, and the website will begin locating any people with the same names from the database. People with similar last names may appear, and you can call them to inquire about the person you are looking for. Families in Mexico are large and you may find a cousin or relative of theirs who can give you information on your person.


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Seek the Help of a Professional

You can hire a private investigator in case your online search fails. Find a professional private detective in an online classified ad directory (like ADOOS or OLX). Check if the professional has done such work before. Finding someone through a detective is a more reliable way of locating people in places like Mexico. This is because Mexico is a very large country with a larger population. You may need help of a professional private detective who has experience to help you.


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