Glass can be broken with the slightest accident, and if it is not cleaned properly, it can lead to painful cuts on the skin. So even when cleaning the broken glass, you need to be careful with the shards and fragments and protect your hands from getting cut, or leaving any tiny part of it behind.


There are different ways you can clean up the mess of a broken glass without injuring yourself, from a tiled floor.


  • Do not use a vacuum to pick up the mess, but instead, use a broom to sweep up the shards. With a dustpan, sweep the fragments off the floor and into the dustbin. Remember to shake off the bristles as well in the bin.


  • Use a slice of bread then to clean the floor. Yes, I’m serious! Take a slice of a soft and fresh sandwich bread, and press it over the floor. The tiny glass fragments cling to the bread. You can use more than one slice if there is too much glass broken.



  • You can also use any vegetable to pick up the glass, like potatoes. Cut one raw spud in half, and press if over the glass pieces.


  • Tape can also be placed over the fragments to get a full sweep of the shards from the floor. Use packing or duct tape.


  • Use a damp paper towel that has been folded a few times in the end to clean the floor clearly and neatly.