A lampshade can add color and warmth to a room, and it enhances the beauty of the surrounding furniture of that room by diffusing the light. Nowadays, lampshades come in a variety of colors and shapes. You can create a lampshade according to your style and taste with a few simple materials.


Things you will need

  • 12 (or more) wire coat hangers
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pliers
  • Hand glue gun
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter



  1. Straighten out the coat hangers.


  1. Determine the size of your lampshade by using an old one. Trace its diameter from below on a paper and the diameter of the top as well. Cut the circles out.


  1. Create a new drum shade with the circles, or you can create a tapered lampshade with a small top frame and a large bottom frame. Cut the template for the size according to your wish.


  1. Over the circles you cut out, make two circles with the wire coat hangers. You will make a top circle and bottom circle with the help of the pliers as you twist the ends and secure them together. Cut any end with a wire cutter.

  1. Calculate the distance between the top and bottom of the shade, or the length of the shade you wish to keep. Remember to keep both top and bottom of the lampshade two inches above and below the lamp’s light bulb. This allows a diffused light to glare from the lamp when lit.


  1. You will then cut 10 pieces of wire according to the length you have measured, and add 4-inches to the total height of the shade. The extra inches are needed for attaching the vertical wire pieces to the circular wire.


  1. Begin attaching the vertical pieces of wire to the top of the circle of the lampshade frame you are making. Utilize the top 2-inches of the vertical piece to wrap around at least 3 times over the top circular wire with the pliers. Space the wires around the circle evenly, wrapping each end firmly with the pliers, and use tape over it. Follow the same process with the lower circle.

  1. With the ruler, measure the distance between each of the vertical wires on the lampshade frame.

  1. Cut the fabric you have chosen for the lampshade. Cut into strips according to the measurements taken, and add an extra half inch to its width. The height of the strips should be matching that f the lampshade, but add an inch extra to it as well.


  1. Fold the sides of the fabric strips and create a 1/4-inch hem. Apply glue to these sides to close the hems.


  1. Now attach the fabric strips to the lampshade, by applying the hot glue on a vertical wire of the lampshade frame. Press on the side of the strip with the glue and ensure half an inch of the fabric is hanging over the top and the bottom part of the frame. Apply the glue to the opposite wire of the frame and press the strip of fabric to it the same way.

  1. Apply the glue at the top of the frame, folding the fabric over it with just a half inch. Repeat this step at the bottom frame as well. Trim off the excess fabric at the top and bottom parts.


  1. Now continue attaching the fabric strips over the entire frame to create a full lampshade.