As a manager or a supervisor, you are bound to meet certain employees who come in the category as being “difficult”. Ignoring the situation can cost you your company and image, and therefore, it is important to face the situation and learn to deal with these employees in the right manner. This will maintain an effective working environment in your company.


This may be easier said than done, but the truth is, you prosper by setting s rule of conduct for your employees. Here are some steps you should take to deal with difficult employees in your office:


Face the Problem

The problem is here to stay and it won’t go away by ignoring it. A bad attitude or action by this difficult employee can lead to havoc in your business. Therefore, you must face the situation and develop the strength to confront the situation, before it gets out of hand.


Evaluate the Situation

Sit back and push the pause button to gain a clear perspective on the situation. Observe the employee and try to understand their reason of obstructive presence in the office. Understand the behavioral stress or toxicity they bring in the business. And then see how the others are responding to this behavior.


Document a Plan

When faced with a difficult situation, set a plan by writing the key points on how you will come around this situation. Documentation is prudent and not negative, as it sets out your mission on the rules you need to fix in your office environment. You can coach the employee, or counsel them and send them to training programs for skill development, or simply confront their problem..


Confront the Problem Professional

It should not be delayed any further, and it must be faced. Plan your confrontation with the employee and speak to them about the crises. Use the “I” language, instead of pointing it out in “you”. Very fact fully, tell them about any offensive behavior you or any other employee has noticed about them. Keep the meeting professional and in a private setting, like your office.


Suggest Improvements, and Set Consequences

Tell them how they can develop in the company with a better attitude, and teach them on appreciating everyone in the office. Explain the importance of a good environment in the business, and how if their behavior may not change, certain consequences will be taken. You can set a date with them and see if you and the other employees see a change in their behavior around the office till then.