Halloween was never meant for kids to enjoy only. With the spooky and mischievous air around October, it makes it a socially acceptable time for adults to have some fun as well! Dressing up in costumes of their favorite fictional characters makes it more fun for the elders as they dwindle off from their normal inhibitions of their daily lives for one day.


For this reason, most adults have parties for other festive adults to enjoy the scary holiday. The parties carry horror-themed shenanigans, drinking games, lots of snacks and foods, and music to keep the crowd going.


To have a fun party for Halloween, here are some games adults love to play:


  • Bobbling for the Apple: A highly entertaining game for kids can be transformed for adult fun. In the adult version, write down a number under every apple between 1 to 5. Every participant will pick an apple with their teeth, the number they get is the number of times they get head dipped!


  • Scary Movie Quiz: Ever watched the horror film “Scream”? it was a classic of the 90s and gained immense fame with not just that horrifying masked villain, but the movie trivia he would ask his prey. In this game, simply make the guests guess the name of the movies by giving them clues.


  • Murder Mystery: An old and favorite game for adults on Halloween is the Murder Mystery, in which 6-28 participants are needed. In the game, one of the participant has to play to be murdered, while the others uncover the killer. This is determined through passing around chits in the start on character descriptions.


  • Wrap the Mummy: Every kid enjoys the fun of this game, and that’s why it has become an adult game too now. In this, contestants are paired up and each one has to wrap the other in toilet paper – like a mummy.


  • Pumpkin Carving: This game is all about creativity and can be made funny by asking the guests to set a face that vomits its insides.


  • Trick or Treat: Adults can have a fun with trick or treating themselves if they play this game. No need to set them out ringing the neighbors doorbells, instead, fill up small bottles with different liquids with a variety of flavors you can make. Ask each one to drink and tell if it was a trick or a treat.