Splashing your nails with different nail colors has become a sensational trend these days due to the cheap and easy availability of nail art pens. The pens are fun and simple to use once you get the right way to maneuver them, and you can create thousands of designs on your nails with their help. These guns will put the toothpick and brushes used for nail art at bay.


Here is a guide on using these nail art dotting pens:


  1. Shake the pen a few time with the cap on. You will hear the cartridge inside the pen move.


  1. Remove the cap, and press the tip of the nail art pen next to a solid surface so that it goes all down. This will let the ink to form at the base of the pen’s tip. Test it on a paper to see if a line and a dot can form with it without any trouble.


  1. Use a nail polish remover with a cotton bud to remove any previous residue of past nail polish applications.


  1. Apply a clear base coat on your nails before applying any nail polish. Let the base coat dry.


  1. Choose a color as the background of your nail design. Choose any color of your choose that makes the design stand out and that corresponds with the colors of the nail design well. Let the nails polish dry after you have applied it to the nails.


  1. Begin using the pen for making your design. Make simple small dots, hearts, flowers, or even letters with it. You can be creative with stripes, or abstract art on your nails.

  1. Let your design fully dry. And then apply a top coat to seal it.