If you have forgotten your password, or need to change it for security reasons, the task is quite simple. With the rise of hacks and breaches, resetting your password every couple of months is a good and safe way to deal with salient problems.

Here is how you change your Yahoo email account password:


  1. Log in to the Yahoo Mail Website


Visit the site mail.yahoo.com, and sign in to your Yahoo email account.


  1. Tap the Menu Icon (Only if you are using your Mobile)


Click on the menu icon located at the top of the mobile browser. If you are using a laptop, skip this step.


  1. Click on Account Security


There will be a gear-shaped button on the upper-right corner of the browser. This may be near your Yahoo account name at the top of the page. Hold the cursor over its and a menu list will appear.


  1. Select Account Info


This will be at the end of the menu list. Click on it, and enter your password.


  1. Click on Change Password


The option of change password and display security questions appears here. Fill in both options.


  1. Enter New Password


Enter your new password twice, being careful each time.


  1. Click on Continue


Select continue to reconfirm and continue using Yahoo Mail. Your password is now successfully changed.