If your retirement is near, and your old age is looming ahead of you, why not try living the bucket list and enjoying the rest of your days in a lifestyle of serenity and comfort? Why not jumping off the land and living a life by diving onto the seas forever? It’s not impossible; you can actually do it! Living on a boat may seem like a daunting scenario, but waking up to a sunrise with no hustling sounds of the city but beach waves is worth it.


Even if you don’t have much boat experience, you can easily live on a boat. You will save money and also enjoy adventuring in different places like the Caribbean. Here is how you can achieve the impossible:


  • Get a boat from the various types and choices available these days. This will require research and though, depending on your budget and living preferences. Living on a boat means that all amenities should exist on it for your comfort.


  • Once you have chosen the boat to live on, get it checked by a marine surveyor. This should be done so that your boat is checked fully in functionality and working order.


  • Pack your wardrobe in suitcases, as you wont have a large wardrobe in the boat. You may not need to many clothes anyway, so you can easily donate some.


  • Pack essential items that are portable, like a laptop, headphones, cell phone.


  • Maintain the boat throughout the year, and clean it inside out. You should learn the engine and hydraulic system well so you can repair things on your own. You can also hire a professional mechanic to check the boat regularly.


  • Find out about the docks and ports that allow living there throughout the year the internet is the best medium to guide you, and read all terms and conditions before decide your harbor for extended periods.