Stairs provide a medium to reach the second floor of a building. Although stairs, steps and staircases are constructed in different ways, the common factor between them all is that each step has to be the same size and dimensions (the rise and run of every step should be the same). If you plan to construct a staircase yourself to save a few bucks, and to polish your carpentry skills, you should understand the right way to make it.


Firstly, stairs are constructed with these three essential components: stringers, risers, and treads. The stringers are the diagonal parts which carry the weight of the person walking up the staircase. Treads are the top boards that lay flat on the step. The risers are placed perpendicular below the tread.


Here is what you will need, and the instructions to form the staircase correctly:


Things you will need

  • Wood – for the stringers, risers, and treads.
  • Sledgehammer
  • Nail gun
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Metal brackets



Cut the lumber for the stringers. For a 3.5-inch stair height, you will cut 2×12-inch lumber. Cut in a way that a notch is at the bottom of the stringer so that it can fit over a 2×4-inch lumber.

Cut the notch in the same place for each stringer.Cut 10-inch treads now from the 2×10-inch lumber.

Cut 7-inch risers from the lumber.


Cut one 2×4-inch lumber to 3-feet long piece as well.

Install the 2×4-inch treated against the floor directly first.

Position a stringer next the wall, and with someone’s help, keep in place as you fit the treated 2×4-inch into the notch. With the help of a drill, make a hole in the 2×4-inch in the concrete floor, and attach the 2×4-inch to the floor along with the nails.

Nail the first stringer to the 2×4-inch and then attach it to the top stair with the metal brackets. Attach another stringer the same way at the other end of the lumber. Then, attach the final stringer between the two stringers.

No you will add the stairs, by installing 2×10-inch treads nailed to the treads in the stringers. Nail the risers to it as well.