Getting away for the weekend is just about all the relaxation which you need after a hectic week. That weekend can turn out to be the best ever as well. So, when you are going away for the weekend, whether with your friend, your partner or even alone; you should have a weekend bag classy enough to define you.

If this is your first weekend getaway and you are lost between which classy weekend bag to choose, then here are some amazing tips for you:

Opt for Leather

Leather is synonymous with classy. A good leather back might be a bit expensive, yet it lasts for a long period of time. Plus, leather never goes out of fashion. There are so many designers which have their own range of weekend bags. Whether it is brown, black, beige or any other color you like, a classy leather bag speaks volumes about your personality.


Go for Bold Colors

If you are outspoken, know what you want and strive really hard to achieve it, then you should go for a bag with a bold color. Red, mustard and plum are the most classy looking colors when it comes to weekend bags. However, avoid buying bags which are too bright and the shades are more neon-like instead of bold.


Select Different Prints and Patterns

Who says that only a plain bag can be classy? You should opt for prints and patterns as well. if your weekend bag is an over sized tote, then opt for patterns. If you are going for a leather bag, then opt for a printed one to show your girly side.


Say Yes to Stripes

Stripes are so wonderfully classy that every designer always comes up with bags with them. Whether the stripes are horizontal or vertical, they are never going to fail your classy weekend bag inspiration.


Mix and Match

There many bags with a variety of different patterns and colors present on them. These bags look super cool and always make heads turn around to have a second glance at them.


Color Block

Color block is extremely popular these days. A bag with a color block looks really stylish and add extra oomph to your complete personality.