A covered wagon has got deep roots in our cultural history. Once used as the main mode of transportation, a covered wagon can be built by following some instructions.

Things You Need

  • Planks
  • Wooden Board
  • Nails
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Wrench
  • Pole
  • Bamboo Strips
  • Bolts
  • Beams
  • Axles
  • Iron Braces
  • Tarpaulin
  • Hammer
  • Caulk and Caulking Gun

The Actual Process

Take a pressure treated thick wooden board. Although a 12×6 feet board of a standard size is used, you can change your size accordingly. Take some wooden planks of the same size as well. Align them on the sides of the board so that they fit perfectly.

At this point, you may need an extra helping hand as well. ask someone to hold the boards while you drill holes in them. The holes are needed to be drilled at the ends of the planks 3inches apart from the edges.


Insert bolts into the holes and tighten them up.

You now have a structure with two sides and a wide base.

If there are any spaced present, fill them up with caulk.

Now you have to place the prepared board on a beam. The beam has to be of the same length as that of the board. However, it needs to be thicker so that the board can be easily mounted on it securely.

Attach the beam with the bottom surface of the board horizontally. You should use enough wooden clams for holding the beam securely in the centre. You can use large drywall screws for that. The basic structure of your covered wagon is now ready.


At the ends of the beam, select a point by leaving 2 inches from the sides. Take 3 feet long narrower beam. It should be at a right angle from the basic surface of the attached bigger beam.

Once you are done with setting the alignment properly, bolt them up at the already drilled holes.

Place a brace at the base of the smaller beams and nail them up.

You need to place the wheels and ales now. Pass the axle through the brace and attach the wheels at each end of it. Tighten the wheels by rotating them.

Take two beams of 3 feet and attach them at the top of the beam with bolts. They will support the wagon wheels.

Now attach the wagon board with the wheels.springfield3


All you have to do now is to insert the bows, which is the easiest part. You need some bamboo strips which are longer the wooden board. Mark points for inserting them on the longer sides of the base with a gap of 3 inches present between them.

Now start placing the strips on one side of the board and use a nail and hammer to fix it. Make an arch and nail it up on the other side as well. Repeat until you have installed all the bamboo strips. Now simply cover the wagon up with a tarpaulin sheet.