If there is a bald patch in your garden which is an eye sore, you can actually cover it properly and make it lush green.

Here is how you can plant ground cover on a bald or a badly covered area.

  • If there is already some grass present on that area, then remove it entirely with a grub hoe
  • Once you have remove the grass, it’s time to loosen up the soil a bit. You can use a tiller for that purpose.
  • You should have some peat moss with you for spreading across the area which needs to be covered. Till it in the soil as well.
  • Now add the bark mulch.
  • Take a rake and create a planting strip around 3 feet wide.
  • Now dig holes for ivy plants. The holes should be dug in the shadier side with a 10 inches difference present between them. A garden trowel can be used for digging those holes.
  • Now plant the ivy into the holes.
  • You can create another 3 feet wide strip for planting and re spread the mulch.
  • You should not plant ivy in any sunny area. In those areas, you need to spread the fertilizer followed by the mulch. You can plant pachysandra in that area about 4 to 6 inches apart.
  • For maintain the plants, water them twice or thrice a week.
  • In case any weeds start to sprout out, cut them.