If you are a single parent, don’t think travelling with your child will require just a passport. You actually need a letter by the other parent of the minor that says that they have allowed the child to travel with the other parent. This letter is even needed when you travel between the U.S. and Canada! If your child has a stepparent, or if they travel with their own grandparents, they cannot cross the border without a travel authorization letter.


If you are planning an international trip with your child, here is how you can write the letter:


To whomsoever it may concern,


I, Samuel Jackson, father of Nathan Jackson who was born on 7th March, 2011, with the passport number 892543, authorize my son to travel to Ireland for a trip to visit his maternal grandparents along with Jane Hobbs. He will be staying at his grandparents house for 2 weeks, and safely return back by 18th August, 2016.


The flight departs from Chicago on 3rd August, 2016, and will be returning by flight number E081.



Samuel Jackson,

Georgia, Atlanta, 25980