Hemorrhoids, or piles, is a medical condition in which the normal vascular structures in the anal canal become enlarged and turn painful when pressure is placed on them from passing stool. It is extremely painful and unpleasant, but they can be treated easily. However, ignoring the signs and pain can worsen them, so they should be treated as soon as their symptoms begin. They are common among both men and women in the ages between 45-65. But men are more prone to get this painful problem.


The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids in men are:internal-and-external-piles


  • Discomfort, pain, or itching around your anal hole.


  • Bleeding without any pain during bowel movements. Blood will be found on the toilet tissue or in the toilet bowl.


  • Swelling around the anal hole, which may be painful to touch.


  • Lumps protruding around the anal region.


  • Leak of feces without sensation.


Call your doctor immediately when these symptoms arise to ensure the diagnosis and treatment of the problem!