Nothing beats a vacation in Dubai – with the sparkling water beaches, fine dining, amazing malls, and plethora of adventurous entertainment; you won’t get bored here! However, to make your trip pleasant, and to avoid any offence to the nationals there, you must understand the dress code to be followed in Dubai. Although it is much more liberal as compared to the other parts of the UAE, Dubai has standardized clothing for men and women in their city.


There is actually a legal guideline for as to what is acceptable in different parts of the UAE, but in general, the residents and tourists of are allowed to wear what they like within reason. Revealing more flesh than necessary is a major eyebrow raiser, and it is wise to tone your dressing if you like offbeat clothing. Keep in mind that the dress code applies to when you go out in the public, and not in your home or hotel room. This information guide will help you understand the dress codes for men and for women in Dubai:


Dress Code for Men in Dubai

Men are allowed to wear shorts, but if they wear cycling shorts that are fitted, or boxer shorts that are too short, warnings may be given out by the authorities. Other sport clothing is acceptable only at the sports venues. Swimsuits can be worn at a beach. When visiting a mosque, men should wear long trousers. T-shirts with offensive language or gestures is not acceptable in Dubai.


Dress Code for Women in Dubai

Women are not required to cover their heads or faces with a scarf in public in Dubai, but instead, they must be covered from shoulder till at least the knees to respect the culture of UAE. Women in the Gulf Arabs do cover their hair and sometimes faces with a scarf for cultural and religious reasons. A female tourist has to wear a head scarf to conceal the hair, and fully covered outfits when visiting a mosque, but hide the face is not required. T-shirts with sleeves are preferred, as spaghetti strap tops is not appreciated in the public. Very tight and low cut t-shirts are considered offensive as well. Keeping the skirt or dress length above the knee will get warnings from authorities in malls. At the beach, swim wear is allowed, but skimpy bikinis should be refrained from, and must not be worn into a mall at all afterwards.