If you are looking for a dog yet are confused between getting an Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler, then this article is going to make your decision quite easy. Read on to get all the information.


The Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is an originally bred dog. It is extremely attentive and alert and its loyalty with its owner is unquestionable. It is highly intelligent and can be very protective as well.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a highly energetic animal, thus it needs regular exercise and other physical activities in his routine to maintain its enthusiasm and a good health. It can easily become a part of different physical activities which may involve the retrieving of any object, agility, obedience to the owner as well as guarding anything from a herd to a house.

This breed of dogs is mostly available in brown and dark blue or black colors. It does not require a lot of maintenance as well, thus it is easy to keep it.

Just like any other dog, the Australian Cattle Dog sheds its hair as well, yet it is not something out of the ordinary. Regular brushing of the dog helps in making sure that it does not shed its hair all over the house.

Since it is a very intelligent animal, it does not require a lot of effort as far as training it is concerned. This is why many people who are getting a dog for the first time opt for this breed over the many others present. It also is a great guard and a watchdog and barks at strangers and intruders to alert the owners.

Because of its friendly nature, it settles better in any kind of environment easily.


The Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler is a cross breed. It is highly active physically and therefore is very energetic as well. A Blue Heeler is although a good guard, yet it is ideal for keeping an eye on the herds of cattle as compared to your house or property.

A Blue Heeler also requires a lot of physical exercise to maintain its energy levels. It is mostly available in white, brown, dark blue and black colors.

This breed of dogs does not require a lot of grooming as well. Simple regular brushing of the hair can reduce the number of hair which shed off from the dog as well.

However, a Blue Heeler is a bit difficult to train as compared to an Australian Cattle Dog because of its restless nature. Unless and until you are an extremely patient trainer, you will have to hire a professional trainer for training this dog. But, it is highly adaptable and can settle well in a new and strange environment easily.