Fax machines have the dual capability of scanning and copying documents that are sent from one user to the other. In order to fax a two-sided document, a simple few steps have to be followed.

To fax a double-sides fax, you need a machine that is equipped with “duplex faxing”, which is a feature that allows scanning two-sided documents, and then transmitting them. However, if your machine is an older model, try following these steps:


  1. Prepare the first page of the fax that will go through the machine, and it will tell who the fax is to be sent to. This is called the cover sheet. This sheet will also include the name and numbers of the recipient on it for their information.


  1. Make a copy of one side of the two-sided document, and then place it in the machine, and press copy. A copy will be made this way, and you will have two pages ready and the cover sheet.


  1. Place these three pages in the fax machine now, keeping their face either up or down, depending on your machine type.


  1. Now, dial the fax number like you dial a phone number. For long distance number, dial “1” and then add the area code before the number. For local numbers, dial the fax number simply.


  1. Once dialed, the fax will transmit. Upon completion, it will say “Fax Complete” on the machine.