Vivelle Dot is a small, adhesive, transdermal skin patch, which contains estradiol. Estradiol is a form of female estrogen that a female requires to aid in relieving symptoms of menopause. Thus, vivelle treats menopausal symptoms for women, and due to its small size, it was called a “dot”.

Although anyone can quite using vivelle when they desire, they must consult a doctor before doing so. Some other factors to keep in mind when quitting vivelle include:


  1. Watch out for the side effects, and consult the doctor if any out of the normal problem arises. These side effects include skin redness, weight gain, vomiting, nausea, headache, breast softness, and chest pain.


  1. Take a lighter medication dose when you have to quit. Quitting immediately may have repercussions after long usage, so ask your doctor for a softer medication with a lighter dose. A medication with a lower potency is prescribed for those suffering from multiple side effects as well.


  1. You can also quit by apply half of the patch for a few days and gradually quitting using it altogether.