Introducing your baby to all fruits and vegetables is vital during the early stages of solid-food training. Preparing healthy foods that are preservatives-free requires a small amount of work from mothers, but the benefits are nutritious and pure foods for your growing infant.

Green peas are an essential vegetable for the baby’s early meals, that is, when the baby has crossed their 6 months. Peas are high in protein levels, and also include calcium, Vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A. Try this homemade simple vegetable puree recipe made from green beans at home:



  • 10-ounces fresh peas, take out from the pod.
  • Water




  1. Place the peas in a steamer basket, placed inside a pot with water that is half full.


  1. Steam the peas, until they are tender.


  1. Take the basket out once the peas are soft. Do not discard the water.qdgarfgdfhgfhf


  1. Once the peas have cooled a bit, place in a blender or food processor and add a littler bit of water, and then puree until it is creamy.


  1. Spread the creamy mixture in an ice tray and freeze them.


  1. To serve, microwave a cube for 20-30 seconds.